Things you can do in Pokemon Go

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Things you can do in Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go is the highest version of the first generation of the Pokemon series. The global mobile game downloads have exceeded 1 billion. As a free game, it is still hot. Players are working hard to get their favorite Pokemon and upgrade them.

Capture Pokemon
In the game, players can capture various pokemon through Lure Modules items. When we have a specific Field Research task, we can capture a pokemon like Spinda. Other tasks will also have corresponding incense items. By 2020, there are more than 600 kinds of pokemon. Pokemon can also be tempted by incense items. Of course, it is common to have bait around Pokestop. Raid is a great way to get rare Pokemon, it is also a daily activity of the game.

Upgrade pokemon
After you get the pokemon, you can upgrade the pokemon. Candy and Stardust are two kinds of game coins to increase the level of pokemon, and then you can increase the combat power (CP) of pokemon. Candies are necessary for evolving pokemon except for certain Candies.

Players can gain experience through various activities and tasks, and then players can continuously upgrade and unlock various skills. The highest level in 2020 has 50 levels. When you reach level 5, you can fight in the stadium in the world of Go to compete for time in the stadium. Raid is a battle mode conducted by a group of players. To defeat the advanced pokemon in the stadium, get the normal version of pokemon. Then players can also compete between players, you can fight with players around the world.

Pokestops are a highlight, which means that when you are moving in the real world, your characters in the game are also moving on the game map. There is also a more realistic experience of capturing pokemon in various tasks. Through the instructions in the game, the player moves through the game, completes tasks, and gains experience and items. Used to capture or upgrade pokemon, some special items are necessary for specific pokemon evolution.

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